Thoughts about language☆言葉について

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

As I mentioned yesterday, it was quite a surprise for me to find out that singing in Japanese actually was pretty challenging. Even those popular songs for children in Japan sounded pretty complicated for me to sing. Well, I can still sing Japanese popular songs in the 80s (the time when I was there), so I guess I am just not familiar with the current trend there.

I’m usually pretty easy to be influenced by certain accents & phrase my friends speak. An Uber driver asked me “Are you from UK?” because of my accent. Well, I haven’t been there for more than 20 years, but people around me in Shamballa do speak English with British accent (My adviser speaks in English with German accent though).

So, I may be able to sing current Japanese popular songs fluently if I stay in Japan for a few months. I would rather speak better English with the beautiful accent though 🙂

I am still amazed that I can communicate with people I would never thought of communicating with before when I was a small girl in Japan. Like this post, English is not the first language for either of myself or the seller, but we can communicate and exchange really warm feelings because we are able to use English. I can definitely reach more people by writing in English.

More I use both languages, more I learn the specific terms and ways of thinking. Language is not just a tool but a system to express human feelings, emotions and behaviors. I used to think the word like “laugh” and “wa-ra-u (laugh in Japanese)” are same. I now feel these 2 expressions have different feelings which are not exactly the same. Translated book cannot fully express the one written in the original language because each language has its own feelings, history and cultural background.

I wish I was really good at learning more languages. I really envy my friends who can speak several languages. Unfortunately, my brain seems pretty lazy for that area, lol.









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