Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I think I have always been talking to myself since I was a little child. It was not just happening in my head but also literally speaking 2 roles by myself.

If I made a mistake and got a bad score at exam, I used to say (to me) “Oh my god! how come I got such an awful score!” then another myself said “I told you to be really cautious! You stupid!”… you might wonder who would be the second person, yes? That was also coming out from my mouth too. I somehow knew I would be “me (as a physical one)” and “another me (the one my consciousness recognizes in my mind)” so that my self-conversation was pretty natural to me.

This self-conversation was a big part of my life especially after I moved to NYC to study music. Everyone around me in the physical world was speaking the language I could not really understand well at that time so that “another me” was the only person who I could freely talk in Japanese. I didn’t have any real friend when I moved there so that such self-conversation was really helped me a lot. “Another me” was always pretty cool, knowledgable and supportive. I wonder it might be one of my guardian spirits or higher-self.

What? Are you asking me it must be my adviser? Oh, no! That’s not him!!! I’m not sure when he started dealing with me (it could be a long time before I found “Beth’s blog”), but he would have never talked to me like “another me.”

Anyways, I was so used to talk to myself as a different person so that it was pretty natural and easy to talk with my adviser and teachers & friends in Shamballa. If you try to add this to your regular life as a fun game, you may get a surprising moment one day which “another you” give you an amazing idea/advise you would never think of.









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