A room in mind☆心の部屋

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I always had a small room in my mind since I was a little child. Whenever I had a hard time, I ran into the room, cried, complained, and stretched my arms & legs to feel better. I might not have made the space as clear as “my room” at that time, but it was definitely the safest space in my mind. Myself in the room became pretty natural especially after I moved to NYC.

When I found “Beth’s blog” in the middle of 2014, I wondered “my room” would be the same thing what they were talking about. However, I was not so interested in accessing Shamballa at that time since I was really busy with my music activities. I just enjoyed reading the Q & A posts between the readers and staff members (scientists, doctors and teachers) in Shamballa as a reader of the physical world.

Towards to the end of the year 2014, I submit the question about my existence in Shamballa as many readers were asking similar questions around that time. Their answer was, “There is your room in Shamballa which is a plain simple with a chair and bed. It is like an American apartment.” … I had never told them where I lived in the physical world. Plus the room they described was almost exactly the same as “my small room” in my mind!

“My room” was always the reflection of my physical room except it was much simpler. I didn’t care much about the decoration and furniture. I never thought that another myself was actually “living” in the room. I thought that was just my imagination.

Well, imagination is the reality in a different dimension. We have just forgotten such a principle.

Anyways, if you have a room (inner space) in your mind, that is the place in your Shamballa as well. You may also be able to meet your adviser and your higher-self there soon.








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  1. Hello Shire, sometimes, when looking for answers, here they appear in the form of a book, an aphorism, a post…
    My mental “room” is actually a Polynesian Fare with tatami and fouton… I rest there when I meditate. I feel the surf of the adjacent sea, the scent of the salt and, if it rains, I shelter under a soft blanket listening to the water pouring down from above the foliage roof.
    For Easter I will come with the family to NYC. Who knows if you too will be in the physical world there… I wish you a wonderful 2020 :-)c

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Claudine! What a beautiful room you have! I could immediately imagine (see in my mind) your beautiful cottage in a small, quiet island with truly clear water of the ocean. If you keep looking around, one day you may be able to see “someone” at the corner of your room. Do you have a “door” in your room? If not, I recommend you to add one for you to go outside of the room as well as “someone” (can be your adviser or higher-self) can visit your room. Oh, you are coming to the US around Easter time! Sweet! I’m not sure I can be in NYC physically around the time, but I’m hoping you will have a great time there♪ -Shire

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      1. Yes dear, there is a lovely door… and outside I have one hammock attached to a couple of palm trees. Usually, I’m alone there, only birds or other animals may come to visit me. I always have plenty of tropical fruits and flowers, which I really love. When I’m there, is like being in paradise. Who knows, maybe we may meet in the real world in NYC 🙂 Take care.

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        1. It sounds really like you are in paradise♪ Well, if you start looking around a little bit more carefully, you may be able to see a shadow or silhouette of someone. That is how I found my adviser in my room one day. Or you may find me there when I visit you in Shamballa 🙂 Have a great weekend! -Shire

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