Diary: January 6th, 2020

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

So, I went back to work full-time at my regular work place in the physical world. I thought I would be really tired in the middle of the first day, but I could keep focusing on my tasks pretty well.

I usually do many other things (like writing this blog, hee-hee) at my work place since I prefer to do several different projects simultaneously. It happens only at my work place though. Many of my tasks there involve with detailed but somewhat repetitive processes so that I need to add some totally different tasks in order to keep my brain refreshing.

However, I could keep working on one meticulous task during long morning hours today. Well, I was actually talking (& having a tea) with my adviser & friends in Shamballa while my physical body was working. It went pretty well! I had a fun time while my task was done without any pressure or headache. My consciousness/subconsciousness seemed to manage my 2 bodies very well, I guess.

If this becomes even more efficiently with fluency, my physical body may not feel so tired. In fact, I’m writing this blog after the work has done and came back to my place. I usually get too tired to think of any productive ideas.

Hmmm, I should look into more of my own eco system using my bodies and consciousness in the 2 worlds.










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