A Cup of Tea – 14

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Tomorrow (6th, Monday) will be the first day at my work place in 2020.

SH:  Wow, is it already tomorrow?! I feel it has only been 3 or 4 days since I started taking the winter holidays.

V:  Well, you are actually correct in Shamballa.

SH:  Let me see… oh, yeah, it has been 3 days plus in Shamballa. It’s funny that I thought my consciousness has been totally stuck in the physical world during the holidays, but I now only remember what I’ve done in Shamballa…. yes, they were only 3-days worth of things.

V:  As I mentioned before, you will have such a feeling and sense stronger.

It is pretty strange. I thought I really took time and enjoyed my “staycation” in this holiday time, but I now feel I’ve been taking only 3-days vacation. It is pretty similar to the time when I used to practice my instrument really hard. I felt it was only an hour of practice, but I was actually practicing more than 3, 4 hours in reality.

If my sense in Shamballa becomes stronger, I (in the physical world) may not believe how I look when I get really old, lol!




私: え?もう明日?2週間のお休み〜たっぷり!と思っていたのに、なんだか3日くらいの感覚なんだけど。

ヴィク: シャンバラ時間ですと、そうですよね。

私: あ・・・そっか。シャンバラでは3日ちょっと、くらいだわね、確かに。え、でも休暇中の私って肉体意識メインに過ごしていた気がするんだけどなぁ。あれれ?でも今振り返ると、なぜかシャンバラ記憶ばかり思い出すのはなーぜーwwそして確かに3日くらいしか経ってない気分満載だし💦

ヴィク: 前にも言いましたけど、シャンバラでの意識が強くなってくると、今後も益々その感覚が強くなるのですよ。




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