No war, no violence

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again.

I’ve heard pretty bizarre news last night (I’m sure many of you already know). The action US and the president took was an act of war and it was even a surprise attack like what Japanese military did at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

No matter how dangerous the person could be, no matter how cruel the person has done to you & your loved ones, surprise attack by enormous violence should not be allowed in our civilized world under the supremacy of law. If we use killing weapons towards someone, the chain of revenge should keep going. Look at the never ending violence in Middle East. Look at the death toll by gun shooting in the US. Violence never help anyone. We all know it. Then why can’t we stop?

We, humans in the physical world have the implanted gene called “battle-gene.” That’s a reason why we have been fighting years after years…. Shamballa used to let us know about it. When our deeper bodies (deep-layer astral body, or mental body) are awaken, such implanted genes are supposed to be dis-armed and lose effect. You may find a hint in this seminar series.

Anyways, this type of violences about the US makes me not to want to apply for the citizenship. I would like to be just an Earthian who does not belong to any particular country.

I wish there is no countries and no violence…. as John Lennon says.










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