Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

In this 2-weeks winter off of my work place, there are only 3, 4 days I have been outside including grocery shopping, practice and running errands. I just love staying my room so much!

I used to go out all time. I went to the music studio to practice which was basically “the job” during my vacation (?) time.  Driving to the studio, practicing my instrument, practicing with my band or other musicians, driving to other places… it used to take a full day so that I didn’t feel I was taking any off-time.

I knew I would love to stay home, but I forced myself to go outside in order to achieve my goal(s) at that time. I thought it would be pretty important for me to communicate/deal with other people as much as possible in order to learn human behaviors and ideas. It was definitely a great opportunity to learn so many thoughts/opinions/ideas from the people I would have never met around.

After 20+ years of such a life style, I became really tired.

I’ve been spending my holiday time in my room for about 4 years, and yet I haven’t got bored at all. I just love to be in the “no plan” situation. Of course I know I enjoy it because my regular “work days” will be back pretty soon.

Yes, I now enjoy both my work days and the staycation very much!









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