Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

My area in the physical world yet is the 31st of December, but more than half of the planet is having the first day of the year 2020. Well then, “A Happy New Year🎉” (smiling)

So, people talk about “the new year’s resolution” when every new year comes to us.

Do you have one? Have you already decided? Oh no, I totally forgot about the last year’s one!

…. Well, I haven’t set anything at all for several years. I’m not interested in setting an ambitious goal (which I know it won’t be achieved before even started, lol), and I had already tried to achieve many small goals during the year 2019 which I did achieve the success most of them. To me, goal(s) does not have to be set on the new year’s day. When I come up with something in my mind (such as my “Magic Circle Treatment“), I just make it happen. That’s all.

I would rather be “flexible” to many different situations and ideas. People do change their thoughts and ideas. Even myself changes my own ideas. There is no reason we have to be stuck with one idea/thought/goal. I would like to be open for listening to different opinions/ideas as long as they have similar openness to others (That’s is why I cannot really listen to any kinds of fundamentalism).

Well, this may be my resolution of the year… can be the resolution of my current life 🙂








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