Sense of responsibility☆責任感

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

As I mentioned before, all my physical actions have been based on the sense of responsibility even if it was a fun event. Going to the schools/work everyday, cleaning my place, writing blogs & posting stuff on SNS, playing video games, reading certain books, eating foods, practicing my instruments/voice, performing magic circles… almost all physical activities have been executed by my sense of responsibility.

What?! Don’t you do things just for fun?! ← You might want to ask me the question like this, yes? Yes, even some fun things, I tend to start feeling to cancel a few times before the day, and then I push myself (sense of responsibility) hard to let me go outside on the day. Then I’m fine. I can enjoy the fun things.

If I don’t have such a sense, it should be pretty dangerous and miserable, lol. Well, I used to take “complete off-days” from work & hard practice which I just kept in bed at least half of a day and all I did was eating, sleeping and reading comic books. Such days could go on more than 3 days if possible. That was my only days without any sense of responsibility.

I sometimes miss such a “complete crocked-up” time, but I know I’m no longer able to do it. My sense of responsibility has been stronger since I started living in the 2 worlds simultaneously. When I have some important events in Shamballa, my physical body does also wake up (if it happens during my bedtime). I have been much better to meet up with friends (I was not good at meeting up on time before), and such a sense of responsibility actually does make me feel much healthier.

As long as it is being an important driving force for me, I should just enjoy whatever sense I have… even though it sometimes makes me feel like a scary teacher chasing after me, LOL (… am I traumatized by a scary teacher???).







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