Anger management☆怒りのコントロール

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I’ve been really calm down when I looked back my days with several former bands I was playing/touring together. There used to be so many issues made me really upset… bandmates didn’t show up the important practice, didn’t pay the studio rent on time, left the studio unlocked (I remember I was furious when I found it out), didn’t practice hard enough, etc., etc. I had no problem finding my blog topics everyday, LOL.

I still get upset if I see the similar situation, but I probably won’t be as furious as I used to be. A few weeks ago, someone I don’t really know (probably a studio mate who shares our music studio with) used my drumset without my permission. Yes, I was not happy with it (even though this happens a lot among drummers unfortunately), but I didn’t say anything for a while until I saw some obvious problems. I asked my bandmate to let the other band know about the issue. It was a slightly different action from what I used to take. I used to post a big memo on my drumset like: DO NOT TOUCH MY PRECIOUS DRUMS!!!! ← Yep, anyone can tell how angry I am, right? Anyways, since then, no one seems to touch my drumset.

I definitely get tired of being angry, and I also feel bothered seeing someone being too angry to act together in public. When I see the person arguing (cursing) on the phone, I try to run away asap to avoid hearing the rough words + offensive energy.

When I think of former myself and my close people who tend to get upset easily, they all seem to have some strong policies and ideas. “This should be in that way!” … type of things. They can’t really allow people who don’t follow their ideas. My sister used to get angry with the ladies she saw in Hawaii who were wearing long-sleeve clothes. According to her, wearing a long-sleeve in such a summer-land is unbelievable stupidness. I honestly could not believe my sister’s sense. Those ladies might have some reasons (can’t expose the skin directly against sun, don’t want to get sun-burn, etc.), but she ignored all such circumstances and just got angry with what she saw because that was against her standard: Everyone in Hawaii should wear short-sleeve or summer clothes.

You think my sister is extreme, don’t you? Well, we all have such rather stupid bias here and there. Especially the people who have strong preferences and an enormous dollop of prides tend to get upset pretty easily. I used to be proud of my musical education and knowledge so that I could not accept and get really angry when my bandmate who was never formally educated in music told me what to play my part, lol.

My way to control such anger was to drop my bias as much as possible. If I am not proud of myself too much, I can listen to other people much easier. If I can listen to them well, I don’t have to get angry so easily.

How do you manage your own strong emotions?









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