A Cup of Tea – 13

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

As I planned, I have been really relaxing and staying my bed late almost everyday since my winter vacation began.

SH:  I’m actually amazed myself that I can be that much lazy everyday for almost a week!

V:  I don’t think you have been that lazy though.

SH:  Really? I feel like all I have been doing is eating & sleeping.

V:  Not really. You have your own routine during the holiday week. How are you feeling? You should feel good, yes?

SH:  Yes, I feel pretty healthy and healthily sleepy, lol.

V:  That’s good. You should enjoy your “lazy time” (smiling).

I guess I’m not so lazy after all (according to my adviser). Well, many people are usually super busy around this time of the year which may influence me in the energy level.

No matter how busy/lazy we are, the most important thing is to have a good balance. If your daily life is in a good balance (eating, sleeping, physically/mentally stabilizing), you will be fine.



私: 正直なところ、こんなにダラダラ出来るとは自分でも驚きなんですけど〜。

ヴィク: え?いやそれほどダラけてる風には見えませんが。

私: え?そう?いやー私としてはもう食っちゃ寝しかやっとらんように思うのだけどね・・・。

ヴィク: (なんかやっぱり認識ズレてるよこの人←という心の声もたまに拾えますw)いえ、貴女は休暇の間もそれなりのルーティンで動いていますから。気分はいかがです?悪くないでしょう?

*注: 以前の私は連休とか休暇、になると、寝過ぎたり食べ過ぎたりでかえって具合が悪くなったり風邪引いたりしていたことが多かったのです。

私: あ・・・そういえばそうね。毎日快調!で快調過ぎて眠いわwwww

ヴィク: ね?だから良いんです。ダラダラを楽しんで下さい(ニッコリ)。




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