Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

There are a few things I actually end up doing for a long time (in the physical world). My current job, for example, I thought I would stay only about a few years (lol) when I applied since I was looking for a “temporary” job to support myself until I would make to the “Rockstar.” Yes, I was dead serious about it. Well, I never thought I would have my almost 20 years anniversary at the work place, lol.

I casually started writing a “blog” and I’m still writing one (this) 15 years later. I started accessing Shamballa in 2014 even without my consciousness (lol) and eventually realized I was there before I (in the physical world) was born. I’ve been “consciously” living in the both worlds for about 5 years now. Of course, I still do play music even though the “rockstar mission” has been abandoned.

These are just a few things I have been doing for a certain amount of time without any feeling of commitment. It has been going on such a way… that’s my view.

I’ve seen many Shamballa participants from Beth’s blog have come and gone during the course of 5+ years. Some of them were really serious, committed and asked many questions in the beginning, then they were gone a few years later, well, even some of those were gone a few months later. I was always wondering why such people could change their mind so quickly even though they said “This is my mission! I will commit as much as possible!” when they started.

In my case, I feel totally stiff and nervous whenever the word “mission” attached to my activities. Honestly, I don’t like the word. It makes me feel obligated and somehow “limit” my possibilities. Well, this can be just me, but I always feel “obligated” to do almost anything even my hobbies and enjoyments. “Oh, I have to go to sleep” “Well, I guess I have to go to bathroom now” … even such instinctive activities make me feel obligated to do. So, I don’t need any more such obligations like “missions.”

One of my “life missions” might have been to find a way to escape from such a feeling of obligation. Since I always feel such a way, whatever I start casually may keep going for a long time. But I cannot do the thing by consciously being aware of the word “mission” which I become overwhelmed by the feeling of obligation.

Yes, “living a regular daily life” is already my mission in the physical world, I guess.








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