Diary: December 19th, 2019

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

As you know, I have been playing & creating music professionally for a long time. You may think such music “pros” should have the world most advanced sound system at home or at least know what’s going on the industry very well. However, many of us actually love LPs, cassette tapes and still play music with an old turn table or an old cassette deck, or no home sound thing at all, lol. I play radio (mostly commercial free stations) at home with the old Sony component system I’ve got from my friend a long time ago. Alexa?? What is it? I honestly had no idea (plus I was never interested in) about what’s going on the current home sound industry.

Well, I’m using a google phone and soooometimes (lol) ask “Google assistant” for some help and suggestions. I believe Alexa may be a similar thing such as Siri with Apple computer which I haven’t really used yet.

I joined “Google Fi” about a year ago since it was much more reasonable and easier to deal with than any other phone companies I’ve experienced before. I still enjoy the service and the price a lot. A couple of weeks ago, I started seeing the message on my phone from Google Fi saying “We have the Christmas gift ‘nest mini‘ for you. Please claim yours as soon as possible!” What? I had not idea what it would be. I thought it might be some sought of software since it was from Google and they said “Free gift”.

Today, the same message came into my gmail as well so that I finally opened the link to find out what it was…. Oh, that looks like the one with “Alexa” thing on Amazon! Right? Am I wrong? I was not really interested in such a digital whatever speaker system so that I was going to ignore the message for a while. I also found this page to see the difference between Amazon’s echo dot and nest mini… well, I don’t really care.

But wait, Google said to me “It’s a gift for you”… oh, so you guys give me this little guy (nest mini) as a gift – free of charge ($49 at google shop, $35 at Best Buy)?

OK, I guess I can try. My “(free) nest mini” will be arriving around the first week of January. It may bring new music & inspiration into my daily life.

In terms of my balance between earnings and expenses in this year, I actually feel it has been pretty even. I’ve got several unexpected gifts (like this) and money meanwhile I did spend a large amount especially for my moving plus I’ve done a few impulse purchases. Again, it may be really hard for me to just keep cutting down and saving money. I think I prefer more surprise gifts and sudden buying desire because I really feel the wave of energy which is more exciting than just keeping steady.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday shopping🎄


前に書いたことがあると思いますが、私(in 肉体界)の自宅にはオーディオ・システムたるものはありません💥あるのは、昔友人から譲り受けた古いコンポ(カセットテープも聞けるぜww)で、CMフリーのジャズラジオをBGMとして流しています(たまにザーーッとか言いますwwww)。こちらのミュージシャンには結構ありがちなのですが、昔から音楽はLPで!とかカセットテープ現役!とかで、後はスマホでテキトーに聞いてる、という人が周りには多く、「は?Alexa?なんすかそれ?」な世界です😅

そんな私が先日Googleさんから「アナタにクリスマスギフトをお送りします!『nest mini』を今直ぐ申し込んで下さい」というメッセージを頂きました。私は電話サービスをGoogle Fiという格安サービスに切り替えまして、その安さは勿論のこと、他の電話会社のようなややこしい縛りや謎の追加料金など一切発生しないシステムも気に入っており、目下魂を売り渡しまくったww状態です(その割にGoogleの提供するAIによる案内や紹介が、ことごとく私の趣味を外しているのがご愛敬w)。とにかく、スマホのサービス画面にギフトのお知らせメッセージが出るようになったのですね。「え?nest miniってなに(。´・ω・)?」私はてっきりダウンロードの無料ソフトかなにかだと思ってまして、「こんなもん要りませ~ん💥」とスルーしとりました。


今年は、こんな感じで突然の、予期せぬギフトが結構ありました。お金💰もいきなり予想外のところから収入~それも1度に終わらず数回ありましたです。そして使う方も中々潔くドカーン💸とやってます。夏の引っ越し前後が特に大きく、その上でお人形wとか衝動買いに走ったりもしています。最終的には収支トントン、という感じですね。もちょっと貯金出来たらいいな、と思うこともありますが、私というのは「あると使う、使いたくなる&使わないといけない何かが起こる」性質のようで、今年はそれが特に顕著に出ました。ドカーンと入ってドカーン出す、結果トントン。それが実に楽しかったです。衝動買いと言っても飽きたりポイ、というのは全くないですし、そうそう、去年入手したPixel 3は先週職場の学生に売り払ってこれも現金ドーン、と頂きました(私は現在Pixel 4所持)。が、直ぐにクリスマス・ギフトや海外発送料などでドーンと消えていきましたwww現金が財布に存在していたのは1週間程度でしたwwww



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