Hobby with benefit☆趣味と実益

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I used to really love to see and collect gemstones and healing crystals. When I was in NYC around 1995, one of my friends introduced me to an interesting store where there were many crystals, tarots and oracle cards, mysterious magical goods, and so on. I had never known such a store existed in the world until then, so that I was very excited to see those goods and beautiful crystals. Then I found a bag of oracle stones with Runes made of amethyst and rose quartz. I totally fell in love with the one with amethyst and of course purchased the bag. It was not so cheep at that time (custom made), but I really really loved it! I had a bag of oracle stones prior to then so that I was familiar with Runes. The color and feel of amethyst stones were truly beautiful… they are actually still with me as of today and I sometimes use them for fun oracles (It is pretty good too).

Around the year 2000, “power stones” (Japanese expression of gemstones with healing/magical energies) started becoming popular especially by the year 2009, bracelet and/or necklace made of such crystals became really booming. At that time, I started checking out some spiritual reading & healing sessions so that I naturally became interested in such magical stones as well. They were of course really pretty too!

One of my old friends became a producer/maker of such power stone jewelries. I did order a few bracelets from her and liked them a lot. I was not really sure about the “power” part of such stones, but I thought it would be a great hobby and even a beneficial small business. Actually, as of today, there are still many such “power stone shops/artists” in Japan as their side-jobs and/or hobby with benefit.

I also wanted to make accessories with such beautiful stones by myself… with my own design, my own choice of stones and energies. Since I love such crystals, this can be a perfect hobby with possible benefit.

However, my physical body is totally absolutely lack of such skill!! Honestly, I am amazed how clumsy my hand-eye coordination dealing with such a sensitive work!! Aghhhh! The other day, I tried to change a new silicone rubber for my current stone bracelet) which each stone is big and hole is also really big enough), and still I was pretty bad and it took me really long time to just doing it!! How hopeless I am!! So, I gave up my dream hobby into a small business project 1.

I also have a loooong time kinda hobby which is to collect dolls and change their outfits. That’s really a girl thing. Anyways, I even brought some of my old dolls (Barbie, Jenny, Rika and so on) to the US from Japan and played with them as my hobby and a part of my own healing sessions I guess. Changing doll clothes somehow, makes me feel calm down and relaxed. The course of 20+ years in the US, I did collect more than 20 such dolls and a ton of beautiful outfits for them made by several different people and shops. I gave all of them away to my friend who has a young daughter a few years ago.

Now, I’ve got a Blythe doll which looks like my late cat, Kyara. My doll-love has revived and I now own 3 dolls plus one smaller size. No more! nooo moreee!!! I’m saying to myself but you never know, LOL. I did purchase them and their outfits from Etsy where you can find many hobbyists/artists have their own small shops. Some shops (artists) actually do really good with their business. My dolls are all customized by such artists which they do a beautiful job! OK, I thought, for a few minutes though, it might be a great beneficial hobby (customizing dolls and/or making doll outfits)… but then, as you all know, I am super-duper BAD with such a sensitive job!! Aghhhhhhh!! I love dolls and their outfits!! but I can NEVER make my own!!! Aggghhhhh!!

Meanwhile, my hobby in Shamballa is “designing & making/knitting clothes”…. can you believe it?? Yes, I really love making my clothes, knitting a sweater for my adviser, baking different kinds of cakes. My hand-eye coordination there is perfect for it and I enjoy it a lot. I’m sure I can make the doll’s outfits perfectly!!

How come I (in Shamballa) cannot open a shop in Etsy?! Aggghhhhhhhh!!













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