Soul and spirit☆魂と霊

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

My tiredness of soul (lol) has been pretty much healed by sleeping really deep & long last a few days on weekend. Since the explanation in this physical world regarding the soul tiredness was not relevant to me, I have been looking into a little more deeper based on the definition of soul in Shamballa.

Please read my posts (Soul 1 ~ 3) regarding soul and its definition & character in Shamballa at first.

Soul is our spirit in the deepest level of body. So, if your deepest body is the mental body, your soul is supposed to be the mental spirit AKA spiritual body. If your deepest body is the causal body, your soul is supposed to be the causal spirit. I have heard that there are people who only have the physical bodies in this world. They don’t even have any astral levels of body. So, such people refer their souls to the spirit associated with the physical body. I imagine they might be the people what Christianity refers the teaching like “Spirits are supposed to be vanished when people die.”

As for other people who at least have astral bodies (can be one of 2 or both layers, shallow & deep), as you know, your physical spirit gradually vanishes around 50 days after you die, and your astral spirit will also be vanished afterwards if you have the deeper level of body. Then, the soul goes through the cleaning process and becomes ready for the next reincarnation.

My question in this time would be: How come the tiredness of my soul reached all the way to my physical body?! What has my soul been doing?!

I thought each body runs by its own spirit (even though they are all connected in a certain way) so that each body does not really interfere each other except the person who consciously lives the double and/or triple lives. In my case, I am only aware of my physical & astral bodies so that whatever other (deeper) bodies are totally out of my territory. So, I’m really wondering what on earth my soul was doing… a hard exercise and gets exhausted?? LOLLOLLOL!!!

I wish I could really communicate with it more clearly… it should be pretty fun.










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  1. Well, actually I feel pretty confused, Shire. I knew about the Bardo, since I have been trying to follow the Buddhist philosophy for several years… but evidently, I have not reached an “altered state of consciousness” because when I do meditation, I tend to let myself be carried around by my wandering mind 🙂
    I relax, I can perfectly focus and recharge my batteries, but I am always a long way from the goal I have been aiming to achieve for several decades now.
    I am convinced that it has to do with the astral body, linked to previous lives in which I have repeatedly found myself in the same situation.
    On the one hand, I would like to try regressive hypnosis to see if I can find out what “blocks” me… then certain respect and fear comes over me.
    Perhaps again my Shamballa is linked to the reality of the dream, when I find myself in that parallel dimension where only the mind has access… and it is curious how (though not always) dreams take up tangible forms of what torments me in material reality.
    Analyzing and looking for parallels, here I find what the teachings are and what to do to improve the material reality.
    A big hug and a wish for peaceful holidays
    🙂 claudine

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Claudine♫ I really enjoyed reading your notion which many of us (I believe) have experienced for a long time…. trying to find “who we really are, what we really are.” You already know what you would love to do though: “to improve the material reality” — Many of us would like to know “who we are” because we believe it would make our current life better and more fruitful. All bad things coming from our past karma… that is also a great idea/teaching in order for us to live this current life better. People need to feel fulfilled, achieved and happy in this current life. All teachings from any religious and/or spiritual organization are focused on the current, physical world where most of us feel as the reality. Because our consciousness have been “pinned” here. However, there are some people whose consciousness are not pinned here, people who have different bodies and consciousness. People on this planet are not really same as many of us believe. We look similar, but the reality can be more like the movie “Star wars” in our astral, mental and causal (there are more levels in outer universe) worlds. So, I’m cool with people who believe different teachings, thoughts and opinions. Confusion and trying out new ideas, that’s what I have been doing. I hope you will have a wonderful, beautiful and relaxing holiday time♡ -Shire


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