Dimensional shift-3☆次元移動-3

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again.

[Part 1 is here] [Part 2 is here]

So, I introduced “Okyo-Maki” to her. She seemed to be pretty interested in the method, so I said to her, “You would like to write your desire as clear and specific as possible. That is the key for this method.” She did listen to me very carefully which was already a different behavior from what she used to be acting. 

Then, I waited for her to bring me any updates about the issue for a while. Usually, I should be able to hear the updates within a few weeks by the person who performs Okyo-Maki since the effect is usually pretty obvious and visible.

However, I haven’t heard from her at all. I was wondering it might have not been successful or the situation got even worse…

I finally saw her again last week to have my BD lunch. It has been more than 4 months since I saw her last time (and introduced Okyo-maki).  I was curious to ask her about the issue at her workplace. Then, she started talking to me like a torrent of eloquence. “Yeah, I actually tried really hard to come up with the perfect words in order to perform Okyo-Maki! I did think about the words everyday for about a week, and suddenly I realized why I had to think about this.”

She actually did analyze herself and her situation very carefully on her way to come up with the words. Then, she found out that the main problem of the issue was not really her boss but some of her colleagues at work. “I would have never thought of this unless I would try to do this Okyo-maki. Well, actually I didn’t perform actual thing, but it cleared the issue and my concern at the same time!”

I totally felt that this person (my friend) shifted/moved her dimension. She had never performed “self-analysis” in such a deep level before. She was pretty good with comparing opinions from outside resources, and she had trusted such outside opinions rather than her own ideas. However, the person I saw last week was totally different from the one I had known for nearly 20 years.

She does now choose her things by not just outside “professional” opinions but her own feeling and intuition. It is totally new behavior of her, and I am very happy that she looks more relaxed, lively and grounded. We talked many things in this time which we could never talk before. Yes, I feel like I am now seeing “real” her.

A person moving to a different dimension… I could not feel it by myself, but finally I could see it in front of my eyes. It is just amazing.

I can’t clearly tell you “This is the way,” but one key thing is to do something you have not done before. If you are not familiar with searching & analyzing in detail, you may want to try it. If you never tried meditation, you may want to try it out. Try to know about yourself… that may be the place to find out what you truly want.


[パート1はこちらです] [パート2はこちらです]








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