Soul is tired☆魂の疲れ

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

Last a few weeks, I have been really sleepy and just loved to stay in bed for a long time. On weekends/off days, I could sleep really deeply for a long time which was really rare case for me since I could only sleep about 4 or 5 hours straight. Today, I did sleep 8 hours straight and fell a sleep again to sleep extra a few more hours. What’s going on with me?

Beth, the channeller of “Beth’s blog” said that my soul seems to be tired. Really? I looked at this article and checked out the reasons mentioned there:

Reasons Your Soul Is Exhausted

1-not being honest with yourself

I don’t think so. I am super 200% honest with me. 

2-no self-love

I don’t think anyone can love self than I do, LOL

3-having a hard time saying no

You all know how harsh I can be, LOL

4-the constant feeling of missing something

Missing something… no, I actually do feel of fulfillment♡ (One small but an important mission has just completed, yay)

5-doing things for the sake of it

What does this mean? I enjoy my work and other tasks… hmmm.

6-letting the ghost of past haunt you

There will be NO WAY for such guys can get even closer to me, LOL

7-de-motivating yourself

Hmmm, I feel rather too much motivations to choose from, LOL

8-being a part of unnecessary conversations and gossips

Oh, I hate being a part of this! I actually don’t have such people around me, LOL

9-surrounding yourself with people who aren’t helping you in becoming a better version of yourself.

My people around me are really cool guys. 


Hmmm, does my soul really get exhausted?!

Well, I’m not really sure though, I’m going to enjoy sleeping late tomorrow (I do wake up pretty early on weekdays without any problem).

Have a great weekend, my friends🌈






1. 目覚めた瞬間に身体にエネルギーが戻ってきている感覚はありますか?


2. やらなくてはならないことに追われて少しも楽しくない。


3. 心ではNOと感じていてもついYESと言ってしまう。


4. 誘いや頼まれごとが面倒で、たいていNOと言ってしまう。


5. 噂話や中傷(ゴシップなど)につい耳を傾けてしまう。

興味ないです〜。特定の人に違和感とか軽くイラッとくることはありますが、自分が見ている範囲内の事なので、ない事ない事(噂話)には興味ありません。昔の方がまだ皇室・王室ゴシップwwとかに興味あったかも( ̄▽ ̄)

6. 「こんなはずではない」と今の自分を否定してしまう。


7. 掃除や「整理整頓」をしたくない。


8. 目的もなくインターネットやゲームに没頭して時間が過ぎる。


9. 自分は変わることはできない、と決め付けている。








2 thoughts on “Soul is tired☆魂の疲れ

Add yours

  1. I think it’s the time of year 🙂
    I too am particularly tired (and lazy) with a tendency to postpone all the things I have to do at home.
    At work, I have no time to “think” because I have a lot to do and follow people, listen to them, search for solutions with them … this takes away a lot of energy.
    In the winter period I follow among the 180-200 people … easy to explain why when I’m at home, 8 hours of minimal sleep (even if I wake up many times), they are important to me.
    I would place myself in front of the burning fireplace, with a nice, warm and strapped blanket on my favorite deck chair … and of course with a couple of cats dozing on my legs!
    A hug and a peaceful holiday :-)claudine

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Claudine for your sweet comment! Hopefully you will have the cozy time during this holiday season♪ I’m actually doing pretty similar things you have mentioned right now and feeling pretty nice and rested a lot. Your energy might have reached me so that I became really healed. Thanks a lot!! Love, Shire

      Liked by 1 person

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