Out of a bias☆偏見を覆す

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

As many of you know, I grew up in Japan until I was 20 years old. My mother basically cooked (she is a great cook, by the way) Japanese home-made cuisine almost everyday especially when I was little. I remembered to add “Umami-seasoning” currently known as MSG whenever I helped her making stuff like Miso-soup. She said “This magical seasoning makes the soup taste really good!” which was true. I used to compare the soup with/without MSG, and the one with MSG definitely tasted much better.

Many years later in NYC (early 1990s), one of my friends told me how harmful MSG would be and we should be very careful especially eating Chinese foods at the restaurants. She was a vegetarian and pretty health-conscious person who introduced me a lot of interesting and Western liberal trends at that time. Since she was also a Japanese and had been living in the US for a long time before me, I was pretty influenced by her “Americanized” information.

Since then, because the news & media have also been backing up the MSG ban so loudly, I was believing that MSG was a really harmful and dangerous additive so that I should avoid as much as possible despite of being on the FDA’s “generally recognized as safe” food list. I really hated my father using MSG for almost anything he would eat at home.

Almost 30 years later, I just found this article in this morning and read twice👀. “Whaaaaaaaa?!” yep, that was my first reaction. I read the FDA article as well as other articles by scientists afterwords. It was pretty interesting and definitely surreal to re-think why “Chinese restaurants” were always the target of the MSG ban movement.

It still takes time for me to be fully convinced, but at least I had never had any noticeable symptoms by MSG since I was consuming at the age of 2. What do you think about this?




それから時が経ち、90年代初頭のNYCでのことです。当時仲良くしていた日本人女性(学校で知り合った米国在住歴も長いベテラン)の先輩に「MSGって知ってる?味の素などの化学調味料の事なんだけど、あれは身体に毒なのよ。ここでも中華料理レストランなどでは常用されているけど、気を付けないとダメなのよ~。」と言われ「えええっ?!」と驚きました。それまで日本で普通~~に使っていた旨味調味料が身体に悪い?!実際米国始め西洋先進国の最先端のメディアがこぞってMSGの悪影響を声高にアピールし始め、レストランやカップヌードルなどの食品に「NO MSG」を掲げることで顧客確保するのが当然になるくらい、世界各国で化調を排除する運動が繰り広げられました。




結局、思い込みの部分も大きいのだと思います。「悪い、悪い」と思って摂取したら、そりゃーなんらかの影響が出るわい、というプラセボ効果みたいなものですね。現在ダメだ、と思われているものの何割が本当にダメなのか、逆に良いと言われているものの何割が実はダメなのか、メディアの言う事を丸っと信じていてはいけない、というのは常々言われていますが、実際このような形で足元をすくわれると、「おおおおお~~!」からの_| ̄|○・・・になることを、今回30年ぶりwwに実感しました。


6 thoughts on “Out of a bias☆偏見を覆す

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  1. Hmm, I would not trust the media too much (especially not US American) media regarding health. If you have been eating it for years and didn’t have any problems, then why would it suddenly be bad for you? Western food guidelines are very shady and often not true, they also publish wrong information in order to make money, so you have to be very careful. I think a lot of Asian countries have been using MSG without any problems and are still much healthier than the US lol.

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    1. I totally agree with you. I was in the middle of the MSG hysteria & vegan popularity movements in the US which many of my friends were really into so that it was easy to be influenced by. In fact, I did experience that “I had been eating meats for many years without any problems and all of a sudden I got really sick” 5 years ago so that I could not eat any meat for more than 3, 4 years (Now I could start eating only a small portion of certain kinds). As for foods, I really think it depends on the person, not the information from media source even if it is from a famous doctor/scientist. Thanks a lot for your comment! – Shire

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      1. Why did you “suddenly get sick”? Was it because you were influenced by the media? That’s true, a lot of what you like and can eat depends on your personal profile and what you mostly were eating as a child.


        1. My doctor said it was a part of my body’s constitutional change. Nothing to do with media influence. Around that time, I stopped consuming milk & many of milk products since my tolerance of such products became really low/weak. I have to be careful eating certain cheese/yoghurt since my stomach gets really sick even though I used to love them when I was a child. I usually don’t care much about what media says about food, but I don’t eat harmful stuff to my body even though once a large media campaign was going on for drinking more milk and my parents/relatives almost threatened me to consume it. Thanks again for your comment! -Shire

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        2. Thank you very much for your comment again♪ We definitely love to enjoy good food and live as healthy life as possible. これからもよろしくお願いいたしますm(_ _)m -Shire

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