Sleepy brain☆脳内爆睡

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

Currently, my brain is barely working (Actually I did wake it up a little bit in order to do a complicate task at work). I was wondering why it has been so useless since this morning. 

My adviser said, “It has been overworking.” … Well? really? …Oh, I see! I totally forgot that I was staying up since 4:30 am yesterday till 1 am today (last night), and I had to wake up at 5:30 am this morning. Yep, overworked.

But I didn’t feel that way at all because I had a fun time with my friend (Yes, the lady I was writing at my previous post.), I really enjoyed driving my favorite beautiful area on my way home, and I kept working on my stuff and house stuff…. it was already after the midnight when I finally finished all my tasks of the day.

I (my consciousness with the physical body) missed my class in Shamballa for the first 30 minutes (about 8 minutes there though). Well, I did wake up at 5:30 am but fell asleep again without knowing. Yep, brain sleeping. My teacher was really nice to greet me when I (physical consciousness) finally could fully access there. The conversation was fun too. I guess that was the highlight of today… I’m done now (well, it is actually before noon though), LOL.

Have a great day & night, friends♫ I’m going to sleep (in my brain) rest of the day😪





私は時々しょっちゅう、こんな感じで肉体の実際疲労と脳内の信号?が一致しないというか、アストラル体の活動と同時進行であっちゃこっちゃ💦になっているので、意識しないままずーーっと動いてしまってた、ということが起こります。ダラダラの時と足して2で割れば丁度いいのに、それがどうしてもそうならない・・・キィッ💢自分に腹立てても仕方ないですが、そんな訳で、今朝は一旦5時半に目覚めたハズなのに、気が付いたらぷっす~~💤と気絶していてシャンバラでの授業に遅刻(アストラル体は既にちゃんと行ってましたが)してしまいました、ひぇーん💦肉体で約30分、シャンバラで約8分程度でしたので、授業自体は大丈夫でしたが、フルで肉体意識が入った時に先生にニコニコ顔で「お、いらっしゃい」なーんて言われた日にゃ~・・・チーーン_| ̄|○



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    1. Thank you very much for your comment! What I use for the blog image is from the free-image site called “Unsplash (” フリー画像サイトの中でもクリエイティブでオシャレな画像が多いので、気に入って使っています( ´ ▽ ` ) – Shire

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