Dimensional shift-1☆次元移動-1

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I used to write about operating dimension such as this post, and I used the expression “dimensional movement” to explain the result of dimensional operation. If you properly operate dimension, you are suppose to move into the desirable dimension = dimensional movement.

I now feel the word “shift” is more appropriate word for this effect instead of the word “movement.” Today, I saw such a shift with my own eyes.

I saw one of my long time friends in San Francisco (of course, in the physical world, haha) to celebrate my birthday which was on the 4th. We haven’t seen each other for a while so that there were many things to catch up.

She and I first met at my former work place about 18 years ago, and we have been keeping a great friendship since then. We are both Japanese and grew up a little similar situations (like her mother was also pretty strict), but we were totally different type in terms of approaching things, projects and situations.

While I was always seeing things from different angles including some spiritual sides, she had never believed any of such unseen (with the physical eyes) stuff. She was (to me) a typical realist which only trusted the proven scientific theories and information. Whenever she got into a trouble, she checked out some “how to solve your problems book” or psychological analysis. She was always comparing things, reputations, scores, values in order to remind her whether or not she was above average/desirable position in her community.

I always respected her keen ideas based on her study (her major was the science of statistics at well-known universities both in Japan and the US). I’ve enjoyed her stories since her approach had been totally different from what I would have done. We got along pretty well because I think we were so different that we both enjoyed such a difference.

Then, she had a little bit serious issue at her work last summer and asked my opinion.

[continue to part 2]


以前、次元操作について書いた時(この記事などですね)、次元操作によって次元移動することを英語で「dimentional movement」と表現していました。ですが、ムーブメント=動き、よりもシフト(shift)の方がより「移動」のスライド感があるなぁ・・・と正に今日、そんな次元移動を目の当たりにしたのです。






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