Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Yes, 30 days. Actually it has been 30 plus a few days I started writing the blog without missing one single day! I just realized it this morning. Well, just a week in Shamballa though (laughing).

I did re-think/re-assess my thoughts, ideas, habits, behaviors in both Shamballa and the physical world during the 30 days. It was actually quite a trip to me. I did look back my old days, I did review my daily routine, and I did talk with my adviser more than before in Shamballa.

I didn’t force myself to write something everyday, it came up in my mind rather naturally. It has been pretty fun and exciting to catch the thoughts and words. I enjoy writing things in English as well, lol. Well, I realized that I actually do use English a lot when I think and talk especially with my friends in Shamballa (Many posts from “A Cup of Tea” were written originally in English).

The most amazing thing I have noticed is that you, my friends come to my room (this blog space) quite so often. Some of you even check in almost everyday. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much!

I guess I have a little more room to write….







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