Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I probably mentioned this before though, I used to love (still like it too) to take “spiritual reading” sessions. Such sessions are usually performed by the psychic medium who (is supposed to) have the ability of clairvoyance/clairaudience and/or channelling. 

My first experience of an aura-reading session was about 10 years ago. At that time, I felt I was hitting the wall and reaching my limit as a musician in the band I was in. I was curious to check out “different” kind of advice which made me check out the clairvoyant I have really enjoyed working with for a long time since.

It was an enlightening experience. Totally. The clairvoyant described my condition, desires, reasons why I was doing this and that, actions & thoughts based on my former lives, and so on… by reading my aura colors per chakra. The analysis was pretty pertinent to my condition, and every single word did hit my mind precisely. That was my first experience which someone else other than me could describe inside of my head so clearly. It was like I was hearing my mind from somewhere else which was a surreal moment too.

That became one of my important and exciting time so that I did take similar sessions once or twice per year like a periodic check with a medical doctor. At first, it was just a pure curiosity and desire to find out about myself deeply. “I should have the parts of mine I have not known yet!” – That was one big reason for me to check out such sessions.

Then, I started noticing that the words and descriptions by clairvoyants became totally predictable and actually started matching exactly what I was thinking and trying to do. I still kept taking the sessions for a while to ascertain whether or not my thoughts & ideas were synchronized with my subconsciousness and my higher-self.

My last session with the clairvoyant (my first and longtime favorite person) was probably about 2 years ago. Every comment and description was matched with my own thoughts and I totally realized I would not need such a session anymore. One interesting thing I tried to ask in the session was to confirm myself in Shamballa. She (the clairvoyant) could identify myself in both worlds which was the most fruitful result for me. Since she didn’t know anything about Shamballa, it was a pretty meaningful session.

I sometimes think I may want to take another session, but I know it will be just another session of “already-known things are talked by other people” which is just an ascertainment. I don’t want to spend nearly $200 for that…. right?

Currently, the 2-week special event to ask questions to your advisers in Shamballa has been going on the “Beth’s blog” which the channeller “Beth” is delivering your adviser’s words, message and advise in the visible form (until tomorrow). This special event (This is the 5th time) has always been super popular which more than 100 blog readers submit their questions within the 2 weeks. Of course, I already did mine and it was another form of the ascertainment too, lol.

I guess I (and probably you too) like to hear my own thoughts and ideas from someone else to affirm my path as the right way. But, I also know that there is no “wrong way” anyways as long as I (you) ENJOY it.










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