The extraordinary☆非日常

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I really LOVE my ordinary, everyday life in the physical world. I am happy to see my little green plants at the kitchen window, I am so relaxed everytime I sit on my sofa, I really enjoy using my new kitchen tools, I am so excited to open the entrance door everytime I come back to my apartment… I am super thankful to be here in this dimension in this time.

However, I used to be attracted by the extraordinary life style. I had the strong desire to be living in such an unique, exciting, different situation like a touring musician.  You can imagine how exciting to be on a stage in front of hundreds and thousands of your fans and traveling different places & meeting different things and people everyday. I was dreaming to be one of such musicians for a long time.

Then, after experiencing several touring opportunities, I now totally absolutely understand why those famous musicians get so drunk & become drag addicts and hitting the wall (you often see such scenes in some movies, yes?). The extraordinary is exciting, but people are sooooo easy to get used to be in the situation so that it becomes just an ordinary thing. I was pretty excited too at first to go to the places I had never been before and played my music in front of many people. But It became a routine once you knew the system… driving at least 4, 5 hours/day, playing clubs/music houses looking all pretty similar, no time to do any sight-seeing, no healthy foods to eat… after all, such a life style was too harsh and difficult for me to have as an everyday life.

That is (unfortunately) how human nerve system has been programmed in order for us to fit in various situations and environments. People make certain action(s) be a routine work so that the nerve system can only focus any new extraordinary situations.

As some of you know, I am very sensitive and easy to get nervous to do whatever I normally don’t. Yes, I get nervous to make a phone call even to my friend. I still get nervous to drive a Zipcar, talk to my boss, order my lunch at a cafe, and so on. NO ONE who actually knows me in the physical world would ever think of me as such a character though. Because of my nature, I am so happy to be in the ordinary, just normal everyday routine. Since I am also living in an extraordinary dimension (laughing), I am hoping to keep enjoying the cozy ordinariness.

Your boring, sleepy, ordinary routine work/life may be someone’s super extraordinary life style.









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