Holiday fun☆休日の楽しみ

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

In the physical world, I’m having a quiet & cozy Sunday evening which is the last day of Thanksgiving weekend. I stayed in my (still new) room this entire weekend since it has been pretty cold & rainy & stormy outside, and I had a great time at my place. Plus, I was a little bit busy in Shamballa so that it was nice my physical body to be rested.

Surprisingly, my physical body seemed to keep sleeping for a long time during the weekend. I suspected it would happen because of the cold weather, but even so, it was a little bit strange to see myself in such a condition without headache (I sometimes get a migraine by extra sleep).

I half-skipped my class at Shamballa school on Friday because of the drowsiness. My teacher already knew it would happen and told me to keep sleeping (laughing). I believe my subconsciousness would have talked with him afterwards, but I’m not quite sure whether or not my subconsciousness did do anything at the class. Besides that, several projects & engagements in Shamballa have been done while my physical body was in the bed, lol (I could gather some of the memories later with my physical consciousness).

One really good thing I’ve noticed again is that I (especially in the physical world) didn’t waste my time. I used to sleep in all day during such a holiday time without doing anything. I used to be too tired to do any houseworks since I was practicing (my musical instruments) everyday after my full-time work. Now, no matter how many hours I sleep, I still do my houseworks and my own projects. This is, I believe the one great effect since I do live in the 2 worlds at the same time.  When I access Shamballa, I really don’t want to be extra lazy in the physical world.

Anyways, I think I had a good rest. My long weekend has been pretty successful in my own way. How about yours?

P.S. Tomorrow is the singing event day! Hopefully you will join us to sing “Let it Go” 10am/pm JST (1am/pm UTC)!!









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