Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I have been seeing many children in Shamballa lately as a part of my project. I am very much interested in learning how they study and develop their ideas.

As I mentioned before, I (in the physical world) had the sense of adulthood by the time I was around 2 or 3 years old which gave me a really hard time. My parents never allowed their child to talk or act like an adult, and they treated me as a powerless, premature thing. If I said something against their ideas, they always told me “You would never be able to survive without us! What on earth can you think you ever win over us?!”

Most children in Shamballa are born with their former memories which it is totally natural that every child is treated as a “young adult” even when they are babies. They look pretty small, vulnerable being which are the same as the children in the physical world, but their ideas and minds are somewhat grown adults in many ways. Some of them are definitely older in their soul ages than their parents. They have to be protected as children, but it never mean they have to be treated like ignorant, uneducated small animals.

When I talk to them in Shamballa, I do exactly same manner as I do for adults. They do act like “children” of course to re-learn new things in their new life journey which are very cute. Their parents and teachers do pay attention to them with respect.

Yes, I wish my parents (in the physical world) did respect my words when I was small. Why people in the physical world cannot respect children especially really young ones?

Children are not premature animals we can ignore what they say.









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