Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I have been noticing some unique & interesting reactions from my recent magic circle sessions. The magic circle itself and the basic setting are supposed to be the same, but the actual impression and experience are totally different. 

I know it should be different since each session is supposed to be created by the unique desire and need. I’m just surprised that I actually do feel the obvious difference per session which has been much clearer than those healing sessions I used to do.

I have seen the target person smiling big once and changed the shape (an old guy became a young boy). The other person looked pretty dark at the first session, but she became really shiny at the third session. The other target person started talking to me (or telling me something) during the session. There are several more of those unique reactions I have experienced during the magic circle sessions.

I normally send a brief report to each client after the session, and such reactions do actually relate to the clients. Some of them definitely get an extra healing which I am happy to hear.

I guess I’m not seeing any delusion after all. Even if it’s a delusion, I am happy if they feel relieved and better after the session.

Magic Circle Treatment









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