A Cup of Tea – 10

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

All of a sudden, I (both in Shamballa and the physical world) became pretty busy with several projects as well as new ideas.

SH:  I know I usually do not care so much to be busy in general. But, how come I’ve always got the feeling “OMG! I’m too busy!!” whenever I happened to add just one thing?!

V:   Well, I think that is your nature. That is how you are as the soul.

SH:  I only clicked once (Please check out “Let’s All Sing Together” FB page)!! That made me search and study about nGy?! μSv? Man! I’m not good at mathematics!!! Aghhhh!

V:  That was just a little exercise for you 🙂 You now know how such data works and what you would like to see and tell your friends, don’t you? I give you this words: Ignorance is sin.

SH:  Hmmmmm, you are too smart (mumbling).

V:  ??? What did you just say?

I became a chart member (paid) of NETC (Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center) in order to obtain a complete live data of all listed monitoring posts in Japan. A free map (to know the live radiation data: nGy/h) is also available, but they don’t provide what NETC offers: the trend of radiation levels. When the level becomes higher, NETC data shows and gives us the warning. It is pretty useful and great tool to know.

It took me for more than a day to really understand what basically it was. As I understood more, I realized it would be necessary to share the information with other people. Well, here comes an extra… wait, do I have to do this and that too (in Shamballa)?!

How come I get so busy all of a sudden…. (back to the top please)???




私: ホントまいっかい(毎回)!!思うんですが!!なんで毎度毎度毎度、私がチョロッと何かしたらあっちもそっちも大事になるんですかっ!![注:大事のきっかけは、NETCなる米国ベースの放射線測定データサイトが日本のデータを出し惜しみ?していることから始まりました]

ヴィク: まーそれが貴女が貴女たるゆえんというか、ま、魂がそういう質なのですよね、苦笑。

私: 私はただ無料だと見えないデータが気になって(陰謀論にしている人達もいたし)見てみただけだったのに、やれnGyだμSvだと脳みそ溶けそうな単位とか出てくるわ、調べても良く分からんわって・・・もー!(今生は)数学とか苦手なんじゃーーい💢

ヴィク: いやそれもちょっとした脳トレの一種ですからwwそのおかげでデータの意味するところも分かるようになったし、それを人に説明して大切な情報をシェアすることも出来るようになったでしょう?「無知は罪」というものですよww

私: ・・・ホンマ鬼👹やな、コイツ(小声でブツブツブツブツ)

ヴィク: え?何か言いました??





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