Inferiority complex – 2☆劣等感 – 2

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

[Part 1 is here]

The best remedy for me to overcome my super low self-esteem and the inferior complex was to see many different types/kinds of people. Since I moved to the US, I’ve seen so so so many people with different thoughts, mentalities, ideas, values, preferences, philosophies, etc. which I became totally overwhelmed and realized how stupid to compare myself to others in order to make me feel miserable.

Technically, I had NO TIME to feel bad about myself, lol. There are so many people who live in incredible conditions (both in good and bad ways). There are so many people who seem to have no fortune, no good place to live, no intelligence, no good health, but they are very happy and fully enjoy their lives. When I saw those people, I realized that it would be only MYSELF who could control my own state of mind.

When we see such an overwhelming number of various examples, we can no longer compare them to us so that we can start focusing on ourselves more deeply.

If you have only lived in your small community where you would know every basics about the place & the people, you tend to compare things pretty easily. It is funny that people tend to compare things much harder when they are all alike. I think both superior & inferior complex can be caused when we only live & know certain (rather small, closed) environment.

At least, my whatever complex (lol) has been totally vanished by my overwhelming environment with so many unique characters. I can now laugh at my small, narrow mind I used to have. However, it would probably stay longer (could be my entire life) if I stayed in Japan.

I’m really thankful to my parents who just let me go and stretch my wings.










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  1. Hello! When I read your blog posts, I feel like you are talking to me. Certainly you are writing to everyone, but all topics are important to me. I’d like to overcome my super low self-esteem! I respect your efforts. It encourages me. Thank you for sharing your irreplaceable experience.

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I’m glad my words can reach your mind and am hoping you will overcome any difficulties you have. I am sure you will be fine. You also know you will… that’s why you are reaching me now. Thanks again♪ -Shire


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