A Cup of Tea – 9

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I just found out how lucky I am (again)! Well, I’m sure you guys are tired enough to hear me saying this so many times… I’m so sorry, but that’s all I can say now.

SH:   So, how come I can be so lucky?! (← I know this is a stupid question to ask!)

V:  Well, you are probably pretty easy to feel that way. Not many people would feel the same even if they had the same situation as you just had.

SH:  Really?! I can’t believe it!

V:  Many people in the physical world tend to doubt whenever they get some unexpected good things. “This must be a mistake!” “This is just one time thing. There will be no more.”, “There should be something bad coming up next”… such doubtful mind will spoil their luckiness.

SH:  Oh, I see. I understand that. I used to have the similar feelings such as “This happy time never last long” whenever I got something pretty good. Then, it actually became true. I had some bad things afterwards. Hmmm, I don’t have bad thing lately…..

V:  Because you stop wishing to be “bad” afterwards. You don’t think of such a thing anymore, do you?

SH:  You are absolutely right.

V:  When you appreciate and feel lucky/happy with 100% of you, it will keep going on. You have been experiencing the series. That is all.

This “happy getter” system has actually explained in Beth’s blog several times, but I could not fully believed until I myself started experiencing 🙂




私: と言うことで、どうなっとるんでしょう?

ヴィク: え?それって貴女が単純(要するにおバカ💥だと言いたいんだな、コイツは by SH)だからでしょう?多分、大多数の方達は貴女が「ラッキー!」と思う状況で同じようには思わないですよ。

私: えええ?!そんなことないと思うけど?!

ヴィク: 肉体界の人達は、例えとても良い事が起こったとしても大抵の場合「これは何かの間違いに違いない」とか「こんなのはこれっきり。もう次はないから」とか「こんな良い事が起こったら次は絶対悪い事が起こるんだ」と思ってしまうので、ラッキーを心から喜べない、歓迎出来ないのです。

私: ああそれ。それは私にも覚えがあるな。以前は確かに良い事があった時に大体「ああ〜次は悪い事が起こっちゃう〜💦」とか一瞬でも考えてたし。それでやっぱり悪い事が起こってたのよね・・・あれ?そういえば最近はそういった悪い事、ってのがないなぁ。

ヴィク: 貴女がその「悪い事が起こっちゃう〜」を止めたからですよ。悪い事が起こっちゃう、と言うのは実現を期待する願い=次元操作ですからね。やらなきゃ起こらないのは当然です。

私: はっ・・・・確かに💡

ヴィク: 貴女がラッキーを100%で喜ぶ。それが周りの守護霊達をも喜ばせ、「もっと喜ばせてやろう」と次々ラッキーの連鎖が起きるのです。


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