A Cup of Tea – 8

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I’m actually surprised myself that I have been writing & posting something on this blog for 2 weeks without any break!! Well, I definitely want to ask my adviser why I could do it… unfortunately (?) I have no idea by myself, LOL!

SH:  So, why? Why do you think I can keep writing 15 days straight?

V:  (sigh) You have things to write about. It’s obvious (Are you insane to ask me such a thing? ← His inner voice translated by SH).

SH:  How come I’ve got ideas/topics all of a sudden?! My life seems pretty stable and unchanged so far.

V:  (sigh x 2) Well, your life (both in Shamballa and the physical world) has been constantly developing. Even you think/feel the same, it is actually not. Every minute you experience is an unique time.

SH:  Well, I know it. I’m not talking about the philosophy but the reality.

V:  Reality…. well, you have been talking/learning some important subjects in both worlds which you have started expressing your thoughts and opinions with this particular output.

SH:  Oh, I seeeeee!!

Yes, I have actually talked about “superiority complex” very recently with my teacher in Shamballa. It was a pretty interesting discussion and I kept thinking about it for a while. Also, my recent “magic circle treatment” sessions have given me some good ideas to study more about my subject(s) in Shamballa and the physical world.

It is funny that this particular action (writing my blog everyday) has not been a burden at all!!




私: というわけで、なぜ続いているんでしょ?

ヴィク: (ため息)・・・貴女に書く事があるからでしょう。(つか、わざわざそんなこと聞くか?!←という心の叫び?まで伝わってきたよ by SH)

私: いや、だからね、なんでイキナリそんなにネタが出てきたんだ?!って話。だって私の生活、全然変わってないじゃない。

ヴィク: (再・ため息)・・・貴女の生活はどちらも常に変化に富んでいますよ。たとえ自分で変化を感じなくともね。一分一分がオリジナルな時間ですから。

私: だからそういう哲学めいた話じゃーなくて、実際の仕組みというかなんでやねん(←例えシャンバラでも時々、いやしょっちゅう大阪弁でます💥)。

ヴィク: 実際、、、ねぇ。貴女は最近両方の世界で重要な内容を学習、履修していますから、そのまとめのような事を行っているのでしょう。

私: はっ・・・💡な、なるほど、それかー!




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