Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

Many people actually think they are better than average, and they would like to be better than others. So, when they do get a great result (pretty obvious ones like an exam score, result of sports competition, etc.), they feel very good like they are the top. You can totally relate to it, can’t you?

We know the mechanism of reward system of your brain which you feel really fulfilled and rewarded by the hormone (neurotransmitter) called Dopamine when you (your body and/or your customs) do something you remember as a reward-motivated behavior.

For example, you may see very mean/angry person at your home/work place. He is always angry with someone’s behavior and taking it out to others. You and other people can’t say anything because he is too loud and scary to make him calm down.  That guy produces dopamine by telling off someone. He cannot stop it because his systems know that is what makes him feel REALLY good. That’s why many people call dopamine as a brain dope.

Superiority complex is one of such brain dope behaviors. It is similar to the lust of dominate and an attention seeker which the person who can only feel fulfilled when he/she is publicly obviously recognized (or becomes the top of his/her field). I think this is not a bad thing since such a desire can be a great motivation to work/study hard.

When I was trying to make it as a full-time, touring rock star thing (LOL), I totally had such feelings like superiority/inferiority complex. It is easy to compare how good/bad artists, musicians and athletes. Everytime I had a great live show, people looked at and talked to me as an amazing technical and beautiful drummer. My brain must have filled with dopamine at that time! That can be a reason why many musicians try to keep going even no matter how unsuccessful they are.

Then, now I think “Why do you need to be better than others?” There are many thoughts and ideas have been discussed, but yet there is no concrete scientific proven answer.

What I have heard from Shamballa (which some major scientists are speculating as well though) is that such a desire (“want to be better than others”) comes from our genes. Our genes are programmed to have the desire to keep developing which constantly seeks better (progressive) options. We are trying to improve and refine our genetic systems to become superior being…. which is similar to the selective breeding of domestic animals. Yes, such genetic desires was (artificially) implanted in order for humans on this planet to develop to be a high-quality domestic animal….. well, this is a little bit delusional notion 😉

In any case, I have been nearly completely released from such desire and realized that there would be no real meaning/reason why I need to be “better than others.” Don’t you think so? What is better? Why do you need to be recognized by many people? I feel so good when I don’t need to compare myself to others anymore!! I am very happy I can recognize great musicians just as beautiful, amazing musicians instead of seeking any mistakes of them or feeling inferior than them. Again, your desire to be better than others can be from your low self esteem, your inferiority and/or jealousy. Why do you feel inferior/jealous of others? Because you may have not realized your unique beauty yet.

Everyone is unique and has its own beauty which is incomparable.












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