Pay off☆厄落とし

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

For those of you Christian people feel familiar to do something good for others such as being kind to others, supporting others, donating foods/clothes for others, doing volunteer works, etc. These “good things” should be able to help you to go through the Heaven’s door… yes?

It is not just for your religious teachings, but also it is supposed to pay-off your negative activities in this life as well. The thing many of you call “Karma” is not just your trauma from your former lives. If you commit something negative against human morality or hurt someone badly, your subconsciousness becomes aware of such fact (even no matter how much you justify it) and immediately start reflecting it as “self-destruction” which you may fail very important exam, meeting, great opportunity and realize your life becomes so difficult to run smoothly. That is a way to pay-off your debt in your energy & soul level.

Instead of such a bad reaction, you can pay-off your debt by doing good things for others. If you feel like you are not doing right or honest to yourself and others, please start doing something good for others. That is a great way to avoid any bad karma affecting you as well as you receive thankful energy from those you support.

God/Shamballa/Guardian spirit helps those who help themselves.








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