Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I normally write about my days in Shamballa and its ideas I’ve been learning from. They always say “Please take care of your important people like your family, loved-ones, and friends” and/or “Enjoy what you love like your hobby so that you will recognize your life mission”… stuff like that. These are totally about you as one important soul. If you have the strong micro-perspective, you should be able to live strong not shaken by small issues.

Yes, that is quite important. At the same time, I’ve been aware of the national and the world news as well to see how/where this planet and the people are moving towards. As you know, there are so so so many crazy, bad, terrible, scary, cruel and unbelievable news all over the world in these days. Especially in this time which can be called “The era of disclosure/exposure,” we have been seeing news of corruption in political and economical communities almost on a daily basis.

I know you are all tired and frustrated by such craziness and injustice. You just want to ignore all those bad stories and escape into your own small but the safest sanctuary. You may think the world is going to be OK if you feel good, yes?

….. It’s not, unfortunately. If you keep ignoring what’s going on the Earth, you will be moving towards the dimension “to be eliminated.” You can no longer live in your La-La Land anymore.

Gaia has decided to live with the people who are trying to LIVE WITH THE PLANET.

It doesn’t mean you should just be aware of plastic waste or climate changes (of course you should though). It’s not that “You should never eat meat” type of things either. You should still enjoy your hobby/food/life and work hard towards to your dream & life mission, of course. At the same time, I would like all of us to see how our community/society has been and are going on.

Your healthy dream/life mission can only become possible in a peaceful physical world.











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