A Cup of Tea – 5

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I (in the physical world) am having a pretty busy Sunday doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning bathroom… it’s actually the best time to talk with my adviser in Shamballa 🙂

S:  Can anyone do such a conversation you & I are doing?

V:  Of course yes. Actually, the conversation you do in the real world (= physical world) is the same as ours. It is all based on a “channelling.”

S:  I thought the word “channelling” would only refer to the connection with something (some entities) we cannot see in the physical world.

V:  When you talk or listen to someone, you really focus on the person, don’t you? It means you are trying to tune into him/her which can also be called “channelling.” It is like you are switching to his/her channel in order to listen to/connect/communicate with.

S:  I see. I would like to talk more about this later.

V:  Sure. Oh, you should finish cleaning your bathroom now!

Adviser in Shamballa can access simultaneously both of me in Shamballa and the physical world. That’s why he sure knows my name, my activities, my history in the physical world as well as in Shamballa.




私: ところで、私達がやってる妄想会話だけど、誰でも出来るのかな?

ヴィク: 勿論できますよ。というか、貴女がリアル(=肉体界)で誰かと会話するのも基本はチャネリングですから。

私: え?チャネリングって神様とか宇宙人とか霊体とか要するに肉体レベルで見えない存在と繋がる事だと思ってるんだけど?

ヴィク: 貴女が誰かの話を聞こうとする時、その人に集中しますよね?それって要はその人にチューニングを合わせる、要するに周波数を合わせるという事です。その行為こそを「チャネリング」つまりチャンネルを合わせる、というのですよ。見える見えない関係なく。

私: そ、そうか、確かに。もうちょっと話を掘り下げたいのだけど良いかしら?

ヴィク: 構いませんけど・・・先に掃除済ませちゃいませんか?



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