A Cup of Tea – 2

Hi, this is Shire. I hope your week has been going well so far♫

S:  Well, how should I keep up with the conversation with you decently for my blog readers?

V:  I think you can just ask me one question per day. It should be easier for everyone. You can get a topic to talk, and the readers can read it, right?

S:  Yeah, that should be a good way! But then, what should I do if I cannot come up with anything?

V:  ….. well, DO NOTHING, I guess.

That’s the exact reason why I could not write the blog constantly!!

Well, what do you do when you have no question, nothing else to write/talk about? …. DO NOTHING, may be? (LOL)



私: ところでブログ読者にもまぁ読みやすい会話ってどういう形式がいいのかしらね?

ヴィク: そうですね~貴女が毎日何かひとつ僕に質問を投げかける、というのはいかがですか?それだと話題にもなるし読む人も理解し易い。いかがでしょう?

私: そっか。(どっかの某ブログみたいですが💥)良いアイデアね!あ、でもでも~もし私がネタ切れしたらどうしよう・・・?

ヴィク: ええ?!そんな時はさっくり「何もしない」これですよ。



3 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea – 2

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    1. ・・・ここにも担当(地球支部?)が居た・・・なんちゃって( ̄▽ ̄)イエ、私基本的に油断するとグダグダ何もしないだらけ~になってしまうのでございます、汗 -Shire

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