A Cup of Tea – 1

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

This rather mini-series is a memo of the daily conversation with my adviser in Shamballa. Yes, the imaginary conversion – channelling? it can be 😉

It may contain some interesting ideas, thoughts, or can be just a series of nonsense. Hopefully you can just taste with your cup of tea☕

V (my adviser): So, you are going to start a new series on your blog?

S: Yes, isn’t it good idea to keep my friends/readers entertaining with our short conversations?

V: Do you think you can keep up with it? It may be so boring with such a conversation of nonsense.

S: It makes sense to me. I know what I’m going for… at least my subconsciousness knows.

V: I actually know what “your subconsciousness” is going for… “killing two, no, actually three birds with one stone” – But that is what “you as the consciousness” is thinking.

S: Really?! hmmmm, that’s strange.

V: I don’t really care which one is which. All is you. There is actually no difference.

I talk with him like this everyday. Yep, a full of nonsense you can enjoy (get upset? sorry) everyday (if I can keep up with it, hee-hee)🌈






私: ヘイ(はい)。10日放置💥とかより妄想会話でもウケるかもよ~。いいアイデアと思わない?

ヴィク: いや、それ毎日続けられるのですか?読者には退屈で意味不明の会話ですよ?

私: いいんですっ!私に分かってるんだから(←え?)。少なくとも潜在意識の私はちゃんと方向性も分かってるんですって!

ヴィク: あのですね、僕にも貴女の意向はお見通しなんですけどね・・・要は「一石二鳥」、いや五鳥くらい狙ってますよね。でもね、それ顕在意識ですから(冷笑)。

私: え?!ええー😱・・・変だなぁ・・・。

ヴィク: どっちでもいいんですよ、どちらも、いえ、全てが貴女なんですから。違いはありませんし。



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