Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

Also, thanks again for your participation of my “Magic Circle Treatment”! I’ve been working hard and learning a lot from each person & project. I am thrilled to work with your future wishes☆

Because of the magic circle schedule which I can only set at the first thing in the morning, I’ve been forced to get up almost same time (around 6am) even Saturdays & Sundays. In fact, I was thinking to skip my work (in the physical world) this morning in my bed since I felt a little dull & cold. But, I am now at work with clear mind because of my magic circle schedule.

I am NOT good at living with a regular schedule especially waking up at a same time everyday.

Q. What kind of “benefit” can we get from waking up at a same time everyday?

A. You will be mentally/spiritually strong so that you won’t be easily influenced by the surroundings.

That’s what I’ve seen so many times in the blog (in Japanese) as an advice from Shamballa. In my case, since I LOVE to sleep late on weekends, they (panelists in Shamballa) used to tell me to make such “lazy time” as a part of my schedule so that I should be able to balance on/off clearly. Well, it had not been so successful though, lol.

Now, waking up at almost the same time (forcefully) everyday makes me…. all good actually! As I said above, I didn’t have to skip work, I feel much more grounded, my body condition (especially my skin!) gets much nicer & smoother, and I do all things pretty productively (including this blog, LOL). At the same time, my schedule in Shamballa seems pretty organized and moving forward pretty smoothly… interesting!

BUT but but, I still miss my lazy weekend!!! This is probably my only stupid thing in this physical world I love to keep doing even how proven unproductive/unhealthy for me!

Hmmmmm, what should I do?🙃








Q. 決まった時間に起床することのメリットとはなんでしょうか?

A. 自分の軸がブレなくなる、つまり周りに振り回されなくなります。



しかーし!!!!しかししかししかし💥私はグダグダが好きなんだーー!!!(←激バカ x ∞)




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