Sequence of realization☆気付きの連鎖

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

While working on my new room (which actually, I am planning to open next weekend if everything goes well.), I have been experiencing the sequence of realization. I came up with more ideas and subjects for magic circles which I used to be really lazy not to think of them seriously. Then, I started reviewing ELBs and ELBNs carefully which I have re-learned several useful methods. It is an interesting way to open up my mind.

I started being more carefully to check the meanings of my own birthday (in order to perform a magic circle) and realized some really important but forgotten connections with my relatives. When I looked at my numbers (please refer to ELBN3 – Oracle by Numbers), I totally have been acting what the number had suggested for this year!! It can be up to you how you perceive and interpret the particular number, but even so, my number did clearly suggest what I’ve been doing.

When I became more aware of my own details, my physical body has also started responding according to it – waking up at the same time, asking to have healthier foods even not taking too much, and my intestines become pretty active (no constipation or diarrhea) – yes, I feel healthier than before. Very interesting. Of course, I still love to be lazy on Sunday afternoon 🙂

Anyways, it is nice to see & feel such a “positive” sequence when I would like to start something new.








5 thoughts on “Sequence of realization☆気付きの連鎖

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment! (I’m sorry to get back to you this late) Yes, I (in the physical world) am a Japanese native who was born and raised in Japan. I hope you will enjoy my room (blog)! -Shire

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        1. ありがとうございます♫サボり気味ですがのんびり続けていきますので、これからもお気軽にお立ち寄り下さいね☆ -Shire

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