Diary: October 12th, 2019

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I have done magic circles numerous times in this week because of the typhoon Hagibis which hit Eastern Japan. Some of you might have heard about this crazy super hurricane, yes? (It reached the category 5, and some officials even mentioned this could be a never existed “category 6”)

Magic circle is a useful tool to create the boundaries (magical barriers) in order to protect certain places such as your house, work place, and so on. Japanese shrines are typically have such boundaries you can see as “Torii gate” where you are supposed to enter the sacred area through the gate. Such shrines have been protected hundreds of years… some of them have even been standing more than 1000 years. Isn’t it amazing that those wooden buildings have been there such a long time in such a small island full of natural disasters?

If you are curious about such boundaries and magical barrier, please check this out: 【ELBN-3: Sticking a magical barrier and Oracle by numbers】Enjoy Life Basic NEXT☆

Believe or not, both my place and my parents place have been standing pretty strong without any issues. I set a magical barrier for my parents house right before the huge typhoon hit Western Japan last year (No. 21, Jebi). Here is some images after the typhoon had past (not so far from my parents place):

泉州地区 停電
The image is from this website
This image is from this website.

When I talked with them in the aftermath, they told me how severe the damages around the area but their house and neighborhood were pretty safe without any visible damages. I was relieved and realized that the magical barrier does work.

I did set a few barriers for some places in Japan before the typhoon Hagibis hit in this time. I hope to hear some good news… meanwhile I am praying for those of who have lost the lives and are currently fighting to survive.






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