Lost & found☆紛失物

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I’ve introduced “magic circles” about a year ago on this post. I explained a very simple use of the magic circles which many of you might have thought it as a joke. Have you even tried it though?

The teachers in Shamballa told us that it would be really useful as we used them more often. Since I’ve been taking the class focusing on such magic circles in Shamballa, I’ve been re-visiting some of the basic ones (pentagram & hexagram) in the physical world as well.

So far, I could change the taste of some foods better than before, I could open the rid of a really crazy tight jar, and I just found the ring I’ve been looking for!!

The pinky ring was gone a few days ago. I didn’t even notice when & how & where it was slipped from my finger. When I came home and removed all my rings, the pinky ring was already missing. It was totally lost. I looked everywhere in my room… grovelling all over, but it was not found. I thought it might be gone while I was outside.

A few days ago, I casually tried to use a magic circle since some of the readers of “Beth’s blog” found their things by that way:

1. Draw a pentagram on the floor (I did draw a black one at that time).


2. Place your lost item on the center (I did my ring).

3. Bring up the light from the edge of circle and cover the entire circle, then make the object (ring, in my case) as shine like a gold-plating item.

4. Bring the light down slowly. The circle with the object also disappears.

5. Clap once👏That’s all.

I did this method in Shamballa, but many people usually do it in the physical world as well.

I was honestly pretty skeptical about such a childish trick as many of you just now are thinking as you are reading this, hee-hee. What if the world of Harry Potter does actually exist?!

Believe or not, I’m living in such a dimension.







そしたらですね・・・つい先ほど、なーぜか気になって一度徹底的に探したエリア – 宝石箱の下辺りの床をギロギロ見てみたのです。すると!!キラン✨と光るピンキーリングが!!!!えええええええええ?!😱何で?!何であるんダァ〜〜〜〜←いや、見つかって嬉しいのですけどねwwwいやだって最初はなかったんですって!!ま、ま、魔法じゃ・・・いや、魔法陣ですってwwwww


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