Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

So, my malfunctioned smoky back (LOL) might be…. might have been actually….?

A. Oh!! LOLLOLLOL!!! That A-team!! LOLLOLOL I’m sorry you have been believing their (bogus) answer! Well, yours are definitely the wings.

– from Wings, mental body, etc. (originally written in Japanese)

…. 💢💢💢 Oh well, I know there were some unavoidable circumstances at that time (I’m not going to explain here though).

Wings are actually a shape of your aura which is metamorphosed from its oval (egg-like) shape by awakening of the mental body. Once you reach the certain frequency (which can awake your mental body), your oval-shaped aura shield turns into the shape like an opened-egg shell which is still hanging on your back. That shape looks like wings.

Aura is your protective shield while moving/traveling dimensions to dimensions constantly. Those of us “wings” people should be able to operate dimensions as we wish. Of course, such operation is only fulfilled upon the person’s capacity and skill… the mental body is supposed to help such operations, I guess. The remains of your aura = wings are still hanging on your back because you still need the protection.

In my case, my recent move, vacation plans, great things with the perfect timing… are all based on such dimensional operations. I didn’t force anything, but they all happened in the perfect timing.

If you are lazy enough not to keep working on your life mission or your chakra becomes broken, your mental body goes back to sleep again (LOL) and the wings will come off your back… like a half-wing angel. Well, mentally awakening does not mean you can stay awake, lol!!

That is the most current explanation from Shamballa regarding “wings.” It is interesting to check out how your aura condition is, yes? If you are curious about checking your aura, please see the ELB-1 : Psychics, part 1 which I totally became able to sense my aura and see prana by the session.

Honestly, I don’t see/feel much difference before/after wings, lol. But, I’ve totally noticed things around me have been going so, so smoothly. I only feel thankful to everyone & everything to keep me going this way.

…. and of course, thank you very much for reading, my friend♫






C-1 メンタル体発動によって起こる事 (2015年2月7日)









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