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This is my first question I’ve ever asked to Shamballa on their blog:

Double-soul and Angel (translated and posted here on May 10th, 2017)

I tried to figure out what “my wings” and “angels” all about since some mediums & clairvoyants had told me “You have wings. You are an Earth angel.” stuff like that a few times prior to my current Shamballa access (since 2014).

The answer by the Shamballa A-team (They are actually ETs) was like this:

There is no such thing called “Angel soul”.

If you see Angels, it actually means ETs (mostly Martians). It is a fixed image by a channeler if they have wings, and it is a breakdown if you are told that you have wings on your back.

So, they told me “my wings” were just a malfunction (clogged) of the prana ventilation system on my back which the rising smoke (by the result) would look like wings. Yeah, sure, it made sense to me. I was a little bit disappointed by the answer because my back was not working fine, and there were no such people on the Earth who would have wings on the back.

Then, I saw this Q & A pretty recently (original in Japanese, posted on Sep. 1st, 2019):

A. When your mental body is awakened, wings appear on your back temporarily. This is a common phenomenon among people in any planets. There are some people who end up not flapping their wings at all even though they have them. Therefore, it is important to recognize it (in order to strengthen your ability).

There are some children with wings on Christian paintings such as the Virgin and  Child. They are actually not angels (Martian) but the baby whose mental body has been awakened.

Q. Why are there people who have/do not have the wings?

A. People whose mental body not yet awakening do not have it.

….. What?! Wings?! “A common phenomenon”?!

Hmmmmmmm, my back-smoke (lol) might have been something else but smoke (I guess I was a little bit traumatized by the past answer).

I should ask about it again!

[continue to part 2]




詳しくは、こちらの「A. ダブルと天使と」をご覧下さい。一番最初に提出した質問がこれですからね・・・ま、Aチームにしては比較的丁寧に回答下さった、けれどもダメージ💥もソコソコであった、という顛末でした。








[パート2へ続きます] ←既に英語版と激しく内容違うけどwwww

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