Answer by guardian spirit☆守護霊の回答

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

When you would like to have a confirmation or confidence of your decision, you can ask your guardian spirit(s) by certain numbers. It is like The Angel Numbers, but it can be more simple. I actually did write about it on this post before.

All you need is to ask your guardian spirits, “Please show me triple digit numbers if my decision is valid.” … that’s all. You should be able to see such numbers somewhere like a car’s number plate, shopping receipts, digital clock, street numbers, etc., etc. If you don’t trust it, you can ask them again and again. By the third time, you may believe that they are truly encouraging your decision.

You can ask your Nadia, “Please give me a coincidence” in your mind which Beth often does as well. It is a good idea to decide a particular number especially with a triple digit such as 333, 555, 888 and so on. You may start looking at many numbers by receipts at some shops, number/license plate of cars, signboard of stores and businesses, etc.

– from ELB-6: Spiritual energy, part 2 

(“Nadia” is the term used in Shamballa as “the main guardian spirit”)

I usually don’t do this anymore since my subconsciousness is so confident that I don’t need to ask extra confirmation regarding my decision. Plus I am ready to change the plan if the decision does not work which I’m not afraid to fail… well, I don’t really look at it as “failed plan” at all. In other words, I am OK with anyways and am thankful to my guardians to show me some alternative ideas, lol.

However, I want to write about this on the blog (LOL), so, I asked my Nadia & Pars (guardian spirits) to show me such numbers yesterday. I found an interesting information yesterday, and I decided to proceed a plan based on what I’ve found… which all the things happened within a half of an hour. It was almost too smooth (I hope I will write about this in near future). My subconsciousness (= my consciousness in Shamballa) was totally confident, but I (in the physical world) asked the numbers as the visible confirmation.

I’m not good at finding such numbers in general.

By the way,

Q. When I see numbers like triple digits without asking any questions, Does this mean “That’s fine. You are doing right” by guardian spirits?

A. Yes, you can interpret it in such way. Also, if you have done something nice to other people, their thankfulness would reach you in such way.

– from ELB: How to receive signals (original in Japanese)

So, it is a good signal when you see such numbers in any case.

Anyways, I didn’t see such number at all while I was working until 6pm yesterday. I was thinking about the numbers, but I became really busy by the end of the work hours, I totally forgot about it when I came home.

Then, I looked at my iPad to start checking Emails and news, and I saw a cute doll photo on a news advertisement. “That’s cute” I clicked the image to link an auction page which I saw the bit price as “¥333,333”  ……….. WAIT, that IS it?! I suddenly remembered the number signal stuff!!

Yes, totally. Well, the number “3” is my special number. This is the most obvious answer I’ve ever received from my Nadia & Pars, LOL!!

You can try to see how you start seeing small “miracles” like this 🙂







Q. 何も自問自答していない時に見るゾロ目は、それでいいよ、今いい感じ、と受け取っていいのでしょうか。

A. はいそうとって大丈夫です。もう一つあなたが人のためにおこなったことへの感謝の気持ちが伝わると起きることもあります

ELB: シグナルの受け取り方 より










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  1. ”I am OK with anyways and am thankful to my guardians to show me some alternative ideas” , That’s really interesting😊 I’m always looking forward to your post. Thank you !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for your comment♫ “It is “You” to decide how you feel… good or bad. In that case, isn’t it wise to make you feel better in any occasion?” — That’s what my adviser in Shamballa used to tell me when I was really depressed about some negative stuff. I thought he was a tough coach, but it does help me a lot. Way of thinking. Hopefully you will have a beautiful day! -Shire


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