No for Olympics☆オリンピックは要らない

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

Today, I would like to share the following article I did translate into English regarding the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020:

You better not come to the Olympics in Tokyo 2020 (← Click to open the new window)

I have been against the Tokyo Olympics 2020 even before the city became the host, and I’m hoping (even at this time) that the even will be cancelled before it becomes the (literally) deadly Colosseum.

In the article above, the writer mentioned heatstroke in Tokyo which the death toll has already reached 45 within the first week of August, 2019. This is bad enough, isn’t it? You can take a look at this weather report especially the actual temperature… yeah, you see all 90℉+ days (Those of you who have been suffering the heatwave in Europe, you can understand, yes?) which will be the same scenario in the year 2020. Can you imagine having the Olympic Games like the full marathon under such a condition?! Simply impossible. As of today, the Japanese government and JOC have NOT come up with any effective & meaningful idea against the deadly heat.

Not just the extreme heat will be the problem… yes, the radiation issue from Fukushima too. This article is yet kind-side of the story, and this one seems to tell us a little more truth about the place. I am honestly surprised that more voices for boycotting the Olympic Games in Tokyo should have been rising by this radiation issue.

Now, I have seen some petitions for boycotting the Olympic Games in Tokyo because of the Japan’s commercial whaling which the government has decided to resume after 30 years. This is another important issue and I believe is a good reason to boycott the Olympics. Even as Japanese citizen I am, I cannot find any reasonable point why the commercial whaling is necessary now. People don’t eat the meat and such a huge commercial whaling is not the culture either. I only assume the whaling in Japan is a part of political (aka concessions) issue…

I’m very sorry to say all these to those of you who are excited about the Olympics, but I would like you to join me to say “NO” for the Olympics in Tokyo. This is purely for the human lives and for the country too. I don’t want Japan to be completely hated by the entire world after such a crazy event.










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