Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

There were a few things I’ve thought about fate & destiny recently, and then I did write about it before, lol.

Fate & Destiny

I do repost the Q & A again:


Q. ”Fate” is something we can never change?

A. Fate is the movement that a person goes/reaches to the place called “A”. This means that he will be there no matter how you assume/predict/speculate. 

Why? because that’s how people have been programmed. Especially, those of who have been chosen by the history tend to have many of such fates. 

Q. Is there anyone who can even change the fate?

A. I assume so. Especially those of who reincarnate from the future tend to have such situations.

– from Science : Fate and Soul (Originally written in Japanese), August 28, 2016


One of my friends (in the physical world) has finally decided to move to NYC at the end of this month. He is a great musician who I’ve known for more than 15 years and I’ve always recommended him to go to NYC (He has never lived there before). He wanted and he had several chances before, but he couldn’t do it before. There were always some reasons to stop him moving on to the direction. He himself has almost given up the hope for it.

All of the sudden, I heard the news of him moving and I was not surprised at all. I knew it was his “fate” and am very happy that he can finally get there.

Fate is the place we all programmed (by our genes) to go, and we can choose the way & time by ourselves which is called “destiny.” People usually do not recognize the difference and may notice it after everything has done. One way to find out is that you meet an important person/people at the place/stage of your life… that place/moment is your fate.

Being (a full time) musician was not my life mission, but it has been a fate since I’ve met so many important people in my life while I was working on my musical path.

My friend will meet people in his new stage who he is supposed to meet (because that is his fate). I am excited to hear his story.




Q. 『宿命』とは絶対に変えられないものなのでしょうか?

A. 宿命はその人間がAという場所に移動することをいいます
つまり予知=あらかじめ知る ということはしなくてもそこに行くのです

Q. 宿命を変えられる人はいるのでしょうか?

A. いるでしょうね。特に未来からの転生者はよく起きます

– 科学:宿命と魂 August 28, 2016 より









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