Diary: June 16th, 2019

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I’ve been still working on my moving preparation especially on weekends. I’ve packed all my books, small goods like stuffed animals & ceramic (aka fragile) decorative goods, and most of the tools/goods in my pantry. I’ve donated a bunch of clothes and trashed many stuff as well.

I feel bad and wonder why I have so many things I should throw away, but I guess that is a sign that I have been moving to the different stage so that those things no longer belong to me (such as my old papers from the graduate school, lol).

For a long time, I thought it would be great to keep things/tools even you didn’t use since you might need them in the future. Well, it’s good to prepare for an unexpected disaster like an earthquake; however there would be no reason to keep 10 pair of winter gloves, right?!

As I wrote in my previous post, this entire process seems to revisit, reassess, rethink… yes, deeply contemplate who I am and how I would like to be as “me.”

By the way, happy father’s day to you all great daddies!!










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