Time well spent☆有意義に過ごす

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

So, time. Do you think time goes too fast? How do you spend your time? Are you satisfied with your time-management? Do you wish you have 72 hours per day instead of 24 hours? Do you regret so often to waste your precious time?

How should I start a day in the morning if I would like to make the day I can spend as much my own pace as possible?

A. If you could accomplish 10% of what you really loved to do, it is safe to say you made the day. So, all you need is to choose which item you would like to start with. 


This is so true.

I have been practicing the above method without noticing for more than 4 years and realized that I haven’t much complained about my time management. Of course I often waste my time not doing productive things such as sleeping over, playing a computer game, taking a long nap, etc. However, those stuff don’t make me feel bad & regret at all since I do (at least 10% of) what I really wish to do everyday. They are all rather small things, but such small accomplishments actually do make me do some “extra” stuff so that I feel pretty good towards end of the day even if I have some waste of time.

Like today, I did write this post (which, to me, is an extra job, lol) after I accomplished my 10%. If you keep making your 10% everyday, you may be surprised how good you end up spending your time & day.



時間: 時間の使い方、無駄な完璧主義 より:


A. やりたいこと1割できたらその日はOKとしましょう。で、どれからやりたいかを決めればいいのです。







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