Energy line☆気の通り道

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

So last week, I decided to move out my current room and move in to a new room in the same apartment community. By this weekend, I’ve already signed the new lease, booked a professional mover and started packing up my stuff (actual moving will be in the end of July).

It has been more than 15 years since I did my last moving in the physical world (In Shamballa, I’ve done a few movings already within 4 years, lol), and I’m pretty excited about it.

Besides organizing and re-assessing my belongings, what I love about moving is to modify & re-arrange the entire room from the scratch! I (both in Shamballa & the physical world) can totally admit that I’m really into interior coordination/arrangement, and I’ve been moving my (big) furniture almost on a daily basis since my moving became the reality, lol.

I have a big 3-seat sofa in my living room which I used to put against one of the walls. I was wondering if I would place it in the middle of the room to create the border between “entrance/dining area” and “living/semi-personal area.” Of course, I tried it despite of the sofa being ultra heavy!!

I liked it for a few days especially the sofa did create a sort of  “2 rooms” atmosphere which I could feel somewhat “safer & private” beyond it.

Then, I started feeling a little more tired and stuffiness even though the windows were open and enough fresh air was constantly coming in. I stayed the same way for 3 days, then I placed my sofa back yesterday where it was used to be.

It is quite interesting that I feel totally fresh, open, energized and no more stuffiness now!!

I guess I did block the “energy line” of the room by the sofa. My living room and kitchen has windows face to face which nice breeze constantly come in. I didn’t think the sofa would block the breeze, but it was not blocking the air but the fresh energy. That’s why I became tired and felt a little dull for those a few days.

When you place your furniture in your room, I assume you consider the line of flow… how you move, walk, do this & that in the room, yes? The line of flow probably corresponds to the energy line which we consider straight, less wasteful, easy to reach around.

When you do re-arrange your room next time, please consider the line of energy as well. It may bring you some unseen benefits.

This is the actual floor plan of my room :-) 実際の私の部屋間取り図ですw













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  1. The energy must be able to circulate in an environment, if you want to optimize the positive contribution at a phisical, mental and spiritual level.
    My husband is an organic and sustainable architect and he attended Fen Shui’s courses (which surely you know), he always talked to me with great emphasis.
    Our vital energy, the Ch’i, needs a dynamic balance of yin and yang and must be able to flow with harmony… the 5 elements, but also the colors and the right locations, living nature and organic materials can categorically modify an environment. And not to forget music!
    When we are sensitive and receptive, we can realize when something is not right… and this was your case 🙂 a hug claudine

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Claudine!
      In fact, I was going to write about Fen Shui for this blog post at first, but I didn’t want to write a tooo long essay, lol. It’s great that you & your husband are really aware and practice it (I only know the basics). Honestly, I do not prefer to be too sensitive about such fine, delicate things since it makes me live harder in the current physical world as I focus more and more sensitive stuff (I’ve already gone through that difficult time before). I like to keep finding a good balance so that I can enjoy my life in the two worlds 🙂 Thanks again! -Shire

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