Watching over-2☆見守る-2

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

You guys told us that I would not be able to watch over my family after my passing if I chose the body in Shamballa (instead of the shallow-layer astral body).

I have been really concerned it because I wanted to watch over my existing (in the physical world) relatives and important friends after my passing.

Why can’t I watch over them (if I choose the Shamballa body)?

A.If you choose your Shamballa body (= deep-layer astral body), frequency of the body will be prioritized over your current body so that the frequency of your current life is supposed to be vanished. That is the reason.

Your Shamballa body is originally from one of your former lives anyways, so using the body really means that you are putting on the frequency.


They also said, “Have you noticed any changes of your taste last a few months since you started accessing Shamballa?” — I’ve actually changed a lot since I started living in the 2 worlds without even noticing at first, lol. My eating habits, color preference including my regular aura color(s), and reputation and words about me from other people which have all made me think of a totally different person! It is funny that even my parents and relatives started saying something about me which I had never heard before.

Yes, I probably do put on the frequency of Shamballa – my former life – while I still live my current life in the physical world. Those 2 supposed to be “different” frequencies have somehow blended in and formed “me.” I’m neither the one from my previous life  nor the one who grew up in the physical world.

I think I am no longer eligible to watch over my relatives in this physical life, but I actually prefer to watch over the life (not just limited to certain people) of this planet, Earth🌍if I’m allowed to do so….



科学: 死後と家族、来世の準備に関する色々1 より












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