Free healing☆無料ヒーリング

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

There are many healers in the world providing the healing service with or without fees. Some expensive healers do make a (good) living with the exceptional skills. At the same time, some people criticize them charging too much money by “natural ability” without making any effort. There are certainly such healers/mediums/clairvoyants who make money by the extraordinary abilities.

Is it a bad thing to make money by my healing ability? 

A. No, it should be in compensation for your skill and service. However, you should not charge more than necessary. Otherwise it will cause a self-destruction.

“Free of charge” is not necessary a great thing. If you need money because you fall into a huge debt or have some financial hardships, I think it should be fine to charge for your service. There are people who can be more skilled by taking such compensations or can be skilled without money.

If it is in a good balance between each standpoint and the good faith, you should not feel hesitate to charge for your service. I don’t think it is clever to criticize (the healers who make money) without considering each situations/cases.


I can explain more about “self-destruction” some other time, but you can understand how some “seem successful” people actually are not doing great at all with so many issues and problems inside-out… having a terrible relationship, facing so many difficult situations and enemies, declining health condition, etc. If you see such healers, you better not to make an appointment 🙂

I haven’t taken any healing session for a long time. In my past, I did only once with a professional healer who was really skilled and making an effort to be better. I had a fun session, but I realized that I was the one who would make the decision to be healed or not (Of course I do understand many people need a professional, skilled healing to support them when they can’t do anything by themselves).

It is interesting to see how my condition and feeling change by my own certain actions including some healing activities while I’m still pretty much thinking about my cat who just passed away.


早速本日ピックアップした質問をどうぞ。初心者用: 無料でヒーリングすることについてからの質問回答(抜粋)です:


A. いいえ、当然の対価です。ただし、必要以上の金額はやめといたほうがいい。自己破壊が起きます








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